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This review is specific for the mortgage department of Citizens bank in Birmingham, MI, not the bankers.

I worked with Jennifer Yono on obtaining a home loan to purchase a home. I spent hours organizing my info and sending it over, along with many phone calls to make sure all checked out and I was ready.

I own a small business in Royal Oak with a modest income and was more than ready to purchase a home financially.

She reviewed my information and called me back the same day with a modest loan amount for $76,500. I felt that was very workable and happy to get started. She send me my pre-approval letter. So I contact my realtor to get started eager and excited!

My realtor contacts Jennifer as well to make sure we are all set, she says 'yes they are good to go'.

We (my partner and I) find a house we love, put in an offer, the seller accepts, we sign a contract. Yeah!! The sellers realtors contacts Jennifer before accepting the offer to make sure we are legit. Jennifer say 'yes they are good to go'. So we're off and planning!! The inspector is lined up for a few days out, so I call Jennifer and ask her when the appraisal is done.

She informs me after the inspection and also tells me the appraisal has gone up $30 since we last spoke, which was yesterday. I say 'o.k, that's weird, but not a deal breaker at all'!

Here's where our dreams were smashed like a grape!! She then tells me underwriting was being VERY conservative and wouldn't loan us more than $61,000. I say 'what???".

Then she says 'well it looks like they don't want to go over $60,000.' Which is it?! 60,000 or 61,000? Isn't this information that you should have gotten upfront before contacting us?

My realtor calls Jennifer Yone and says this needs to get straightened out!! There is a contract signed! Jennifer says I will make it my priority to figure this out.

I receive a call shortly after now telling me my entire loan was tossed out like trash. Now I'm high risk owning a small business and they will not offer me a loan. My mouth drops and I am furious!!! I ask her how this could happen and how completely unprofessional this is!? She lets out a nervous giggle and tells me she's only been at Citizens bank for a month and is new to mortgages. What!!!!! Citizens allowed a new incompetent person to handle a small business loan!?

I tried to contact her manager about 10 times over two days and he has not yet called me back. No surprise there! The damage is done!

Jennifer Yono has completely crushed our hopes and dreams of buying a home!!!

eve.s wrote the review because of bad quality at Citizens Bank. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $76500 and wants Citizens Bank to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was first time experience with a mortgage lender. Author liked the most i have no problems banking with citizens. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Providing the best service to all my customers is a priority of mine. It's unfortunate that you feel this way as there must have been miscommunication based on some of your comments here.

Your application was not tossed out as you indicate, rather it needed to be restructured in order to meet the guidelines such as reduction in the loan amount, or more money down or obtain gift funds for additional down payment.

Also, if your income in 2015 has increased compared to prior two years, this may help with income qualification. I went above and beyond to review different programs that would fit the debt to income ratio requirement given the income reported on your tax returns.

Secondly, I'm not new to mortgages. I've been in the mortgage industry as a top producing loan officer for 10+ years , with a few months with Citizens Bank out of the 10+ years mortgage career. I'm knowledgeable and passionate about the mortgage industry and my goal is to assist my customers with obtaining a mortgage that fits their needs that meets the lending criteria.

Lastly, it is my understanding that management reached out to you, left you a message to call back to discuss your concerns.

It appears that you did not connected with him to discuss.

In addition, the two emails that I received from you and your partner that came across as threatening and degrading towards me were also forwarded to management.

Again, I apologize for the miscommunication. If you are still interested in getting a mortgage with Citizens Bank or discussing your concerns, please contact management to discuss further.

Best Wishes, Jennifer

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