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I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life. I have spoken to serval different csr for citizen bank and the lack of customer service is outrageous.

The agents talk down to you, talk over you, disconnects the line on you and most of all there tone and demeanor is unprofessional. I would have never thought that the business I choose to bank with will allow a csr to treat there customers with disrespect. Quality service is a must, every customer should be able to be assisted by someone who is more than willing to help them. We as the customer should not feel as if we are a bother and the agent has a personal against us.

I can tell you this is bad for business I am closing my account and will be banking with someone who appreciates my business and makes me feel comfortable as well as supportive. I am disgusted on the poor quality service that I dread calling citizen bank, the agents are unprofessional and the supervisors are just as bad. Don’t have questions about your account and expect to get help from citizen bank. I am disappointed in how citizen bank allows there agents to treat there customers.

This unacceptable I have been a loyal customer with citizen bank for 5 years now, I am not treated as a valuable customer. Poor customer service skill has a huge impact on a company’s reputation. The agents at citizen bank does a poor job at representing its company. When a customer calls in they expect great customer service skills that is a must not an option.

I must say I am amazed how many csr as well as supervisors that has unacceptable customer service skills. No one should ever have to experience what I experienced with the bank they choose to put there hard owned money in.we at least deserve to call our bank and feel like we can get help and talk nice to. Anyone who reads this if you care about your business you would listen to your calls and think about the people you hire to represent your business. You will lose countless customers as well as potential customers.

I am very fortunate we live in a world we’re it doesn’t just end at the call you make. I would like to expose citizen bank on the poor quality service they have “”who wants to bank with a company that can’t provide customer service””???? Not me I refuse To.

Please if you bank with citizen bank and you are reading this close you’re account and all potential customers don’t waste your time. Take your business else where so you can have a great experience instead of stress on why you were talk down to by your bank!!!

Review about: Citizens Bank Banking Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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